Meet the MUTANT HUMANOIDS. They may look a little different from us, but inside they're much the same as you and me. Left on a diseased Earth, they live in windowless compounds, safe from the contaminated wilderness outside. Safe, yes, but their lives are restricted.

When the mutant humanoids discover that some complete human beings, COMPLETES, have also survived and are living greatly improved lives on satellites, they determine to rectify this imbalance and claim their share of Earth's heritage.

Three-headed RA rules the humanoids with ruthless precision, but others are involved in a power struggle to depose him. Who will succeed in being the next CEO of Planet Earth?

Sixteen-year-old MERCURY plans to start a new life on Oasis. Will it prove the Utopia he expects it to be?

ASCENSION, the first book in The Oasis Series, explores with humour and compassion the way humans respond to change. The future worlds of Earth and Oasis mirror our contemporary society. The division between the haves and have-nots widens and the lust for power leads to corruption. But there are idealists determined to build a fairer, more egalitarian society.

Ascension cover



After two hundred years of contamination, Earth is fertile again and so it seems, are the MUTANT HUMANOIDS. They can give birth, leave their windowless compounds, cultivate the land and build independent dwellings. Their leader, ATHENE, does her best to help with this transition, but power-hungry HERACLES and war-like DURGA have their own agendas. Athene plans a big event to display the talents and creativity of her subjects. But could this be the opportunity for her challengers to stage a takeover?

MICHAEL COURT, once a mutant humanoid known as MERCURY, now lives as a COMPLETE on the manmade satellite, OASIS. Determined to work towards good relations between mutants and completes, Michael is thwarted by the devious politician, ORLANDO WOLFE. When Michael learns that his childhood friend, ISIS, is pregnant he makes it his business to make sure that the baby is safe, but Wolfe has other ideas.

Set in the not too distant future, EVOLUTION, the second book in The Oasis Series, continues the story of the mutant humanoids and completes on Earth and Oasis. In a humorous reflection of our own society, we watch them vie with each other for power, fight prejudice and injustice and look to culture and creativity to enrich their lives.

Themes of The Oasis Series: utopia, dystopia, society, politics, ambition, prejudice, humor, resilience

The Oasis Series is available as a paperback and as a download on Amazon and ePub

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Seventeen-year-old twins, Kate and Ben, go on vacation from England to the USA. They fail to return.

Their devastated parents, art teacher, Sarah, and museum curator, Alec, try to discover where their children are and why they have left. Various clues lead Alec to suspect the twins have joined a fundamentalist sect. Alec goes to the States, determined to find them. Three years later, based in New York, he continues his search. Sarah, convinced that the twins will never return, finds Alec’s unremitting optimism hard to stomach. Her grief is expressed in a series of dark paintings. On the occasions when Sarah and Alec meet, their former closeness seems to have disintegrated into a chilling politeness.

Suspecting that Alec has found a new partner, Sarah feels free to move on herself. She falls in love with Oumar, a widower from Mali who works for Medicins sans Frontières. Sarah bonds with Oumar’s fourteen-year-old daughter and feels she has been given a second chance at parenting. She intends to ask Alec for a divorce. When she discovers that Alec is sharing his life, not with a new partner, but with a destitute young man who looks like Ben, she feels wrong-footed. Alec wants to bring Frank, his ertsatz son, home to England to start life afresh with Sarah. She decides to go to New York to tell Alec this is not possible. Oumar fears that when she sees the young man, Sarah will change her mind and stay with Alec and their surrogate son.

Themes: loss, missing children,  marriage, parenting, fundamentalist cults.

This novel, After, is available as a Kindle download and as a paperback.




Melinda Jefferson arrives in Brixton, in the late eighties, seeking accommodation. On seeing the horrendous birthmark that covers almost half of her face, most landladies decide they have no vacancies. When she knocks on the front door of Mrs. Bertha Brown, a Jamaican landlady, who suffered similar prejudice when she arrived in London some forty years earlier, she is treated kindly and offered a room in the attic.

Melinda harbours a terrible secret. She suffers from uncontrollable rages. As her temper rises she is possessed by “the beast”  who attacks and destroys everything in its wake. After such outbursts, a period of calm follows. Her birthmark spreads but Melinda can’t remember exactly what happened. When people suspect her of violent acts she is usually obliged to move on.

Now it is different. Melinda is happy at Mrs. Brown’s house and fits in well with other unconventional people on the streets of Brixton. She would like to stay.

Most of the other tenants in the house find Melinda antisocial, odd and not a little intimidating, but Susan, a young primary school teacher, befriends her. When rumours about violent events in the town are attributed to her, Mrs. Brown is under pressure to ask the girl to leave. She refuses, not knowing that she, herself, could be in danger.

Themes: anger, discrimination, Brixton life, eccentrics, teaching, friendship.

This novel, Devil Face, is available as a Kindle download and as a paperback.

Devil face - Jeannie van Rompaey



Jane is convinced that her sister, Sonia, is a witch, the perpetrator of shocking crimes. Others disagree. Jane writes her story in the hope that at least one intuitive reader will believe her. The ingredients, sibling jealousy and a rare talent for drawing are blended with a generous helping of black magic.The result is an appetising but oddly disturbing brew of witchcraft and psychology to savour, digest and enjoy.

Themes: jealousy, disturbed childhood, sisters, manipulation, parenting, black magic, schooldays, thwarted love.

This novel, Life Drawing, is available as a paperback and a download on Amazon and Lulu.

Life drawing - Jeannie van Rompaey




Two women past their prime sit on the terrace of the Café Hulstkamp on the De Keyserlei in Antwerp, sipping coffee. They have known each other since schooldays but have never been friends. They sit at separate tables in the hope that, for the price of a few whiskies, they can buy the company of an attractive young man for a few hours. But how dangerous is the game they are playing?

Themes: old age, marriage, wasted chances. dreams, fear, loneliness.

This short story, Afternoons on the De Keyserlei, can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords depending on the format required.

Afternoons on the De Keyserlei - Jeannie van Rompaey



At the funeral of her possessive mother, Anne feels free at last, but events take a macabre turn as her mother comes to back to haunt her.

Themes: Mother/daughter relationship, village life, domination, manipulation, trapped,  ghosts, wasted life.

This short story, And her mother came too, can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords depending on the format required.

And her mother came too - Jeannie van Rompaey



Anna and Belinda are twins. Belinda lives in the shadow of her more beautiful sister, Anna. At times she worships her, at others despises her, but their lives are linked. When Anna leaves, Belinda has to find a way to get on with her own life.

Themes: siblings, twins, love, hate, self-deception

Author’s note: As far as I know I was an only child. I was adopted at six weeks old. Once, on holiday, a friend saw someone who looked exactly like me. Maybe I have a twin somewhere.... This story was inspired by my feelings of being incomplete.

This short story, Anna-Belinda, can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords depending on the format required.

Anna Belinda - Jeannie van Rompaey



Summary: On the subtropical island of Gran Canaria, two British residents, Ellen and Queenie, have been friends for fifty years. They both have secrets, but have not confided in each other. The revelation of these secrets could have a devastating effect on them both.

Themes: love affair, betrayal of trust, Gran Canaria, friendship between women, manipulation, domination.

Author’s Comment: The protagonists in this story are taken from my as yet unpublished novel, FOUR HOURS FROM LONDON,  but the outcome of the friendship between Queenie and Ellen differs from that in the novel. It is based on the premise “what if something different occurred” and is therefore a self-contained version of what might have happened. A slightly different version of this story is being serialised in The Canary News, the local Canarian newspaper. It can also be read on line on their website.

This short story, Betrayed,  can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords depending on the format required.

Betrayed - Jeannie van Rompaey



At sixteen, a young woman gives up her baby for adoption. Thirty years later, full of anticipation and misgivings, mother and daughter set out to meet each other. Thea has always felt herself a misfit in the home of her fussy, middle class, adoptive parents and hopes she will have more in common with her biological mother.

Themes: adoption, meeting biological mother, meeting biological daughter, guilt, blame, reunion, strangers

Author’s note: I was adopted as a baby but have never attempted to look for my biological mother. This story is based on the premise “what if two mother and daughter arrange to meet only to discover they come from very different backgrounds.”

This short story, Recognition, is available as a download on Amazon or Smashwords

Recognition - Jeannie van Rompaey



On holiday on the Costa del Sol, Spain, Kate and Jonathan, serious-minded academics from Cambridge, strike up an unlikely friendship with a charismatic Swedish couple. From the moment they meet, they embark on a trail of pleasure that is both exciting and dangerous. Will this change in their behaviour have a permanent effect on the English couple’s already faltering relationship?

Themes: holidays, unlikely friendships, marriage, jealousy, husband swapping, flirting, glamour, Cambridge, Marbella.

This short story, Swap, can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords depending on the format required.

Swap - Jeannie van Rompaey



Two actors meet in a café in Antwerp. Years before, at drama school, they were full of ideals, convinced they could help save the world through political theatre. Each accuses the other of losing his artistic integrity. The customers become their audience as their altercation becomes more heated.

Themes: Antwerp, theatre, acting, idealism, pragmatism, money, power, re-assessment.

This short story, The Idealists, can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords, depending on the format required.

The Idealists - Jeannie van Rompaey