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Set on the beautiful subtropical island of Gran Canaria, friendships spring up between English speaking ex-pats. Many of these people might never have met if they weren’t living abroad. This often makes for unlikely friendships between people from varied backgrounds with differing beliefs and attitudes to life. The development of the fictional friendships in this novel are explored through separate stories that spill over into each other, as lives overlap.

Queenie and Ellen have been friends for fifty years but both have secrets they’re determined to keep from each other.

Gina, a disillusioned young artist, embarks on an oddly erotic relationship with Adam, a gay cross-dresser and drag queen.

Pleasure-seeking but well-meaning Kat, wife of a high-earning Timeshare Manager, attempts to help Joanne, a woman on a limited income, struggling to settle on the island.

The main thrust of the novel follows the close relationship that evolves between the troubled artist, Gina, and the upbeat, materialistic Kat.

Some friendships last longer than others. There are all kinds of reasons why friends break up, many of them explored in these stories. As people come and go, new friendships form and old ones fall apart.

NEW BEGINNINGS, is Book One of a proposed series, FOUR HOURS FROM LONDON.