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Summary: On the subtropical island of Gran Canaria, two British residents, Ellen and Queenie, have been friends for fifty years. They both have secrets, but have not confided in each other. The revelation of these secrets could have a devastating effect on them both.

Themes: love affair, betrayal of trust, Gran Canaria, friendship between women, manipulation, domination.

Author’s Comment: The protagonists in this story are taken from my as yet unpublished novel, FOUR HOURS FROM LONDON,  but the outcome of the friendship between Queenie and Ellen differs from that in the novel. It is based on the premise “what if something different occurred” and is therefore a self-contained version of what might have happened. A slightly different version of this story is being serialised in The Canary News, the local Canarian newspaper. It can also be read on line on their website.

This short story, Betrayed,  can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords depending on the format required.